Vibrating Alarm & Adjustable Wrist Wallet - Silent Vibrating Alarm Reminder - Wrist Wallet & Vibrating Reminder Alarm, Personal Reminder Device

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Uses for MY tiny REMINDER® - A Personal Reminder Device, Vibrating Alarm & Wrist Wallet

As you can imagine, the uses for MY tiny REMINDER® are endless. Below you will find some of the most common ones:

Simply set your vibrating alarm to the desired time you need to be reminded of the following tasks.

* Audible/beeping alarms can be startling in the morning. Calmly wake up without disturbing others.

  • * Pill Reminder - Take medicines at the proper time.
  • * Children transport - when to drop off/pick up to and from practices, games, classes, bus stop, clubs, scouts, parties, play dates, etc.
  • * Appointments – doctor, interviews, dinner, movies, dates.
  • * ADD/ADHD/Learning Disabilities - Set time limits for studying, TV, playtime, work, activities, etc.

* When to begin or end meetings, conference calls, speeches.

* Hearing impaired - when audible alarms aren’t sufficient.

* Toilet training, incontinence, bedwetting.

* Catch a train, bus, plane.

* Noisy environments – workplace, sporting events, concerts.

* Fitness/Exercising/Workouts/Training – Walking, jogging, biking, etc.

* Meditation/Physical Therapy/Hypnotherapy.

* Students – classes, study time, shopping, meet friends, library, work.

* Children – preset a time to come home when over a friend’s or neighbors.

* Cooking – Start meals. No need to stay near the kitchen to listen for a timer.

* Coaches – Set the Countdown Timer to efficiently manage drills and practices.

* Teachers/Tutors/Instructors – tests, lesson time.

* Beauticians/Medical Service Providers – More professional to promptly return to a customer or patient instead of using embarrassing audible alarms.

* Online shopping – for when end of bidding is near.

* Favorite TV program about to start.

* Yard work, chores.

* Parking meters – No more tickets.


  • Safe place to keep keys, money, jewelry, credit cards and MP3 players when on the go. When you don’t need to or want to carry a wallet or purse.
  • Quick errands, leave the purse or wallet home.
  • Trips to the city.
  • At the beach, pool, or on the boat. 
  • Walks, jogs.
  • Water / theme parks.
  • Sporting events, concerts, dinner.


PLEASE READ IF USING AS A MEDICAL AID.              Medical Disclaimer

Innovative Product Source LLC, creators of My tiny Reminder®, does not give medical advice, nor are we engaged in the practice of medicine.  My tiny Reminder® is a product intended to assist one in remembering various tasks, commitments and appointments throughout their day.   

My tiny Reminder® can used to assist one in remembering to take medications at certain times, as determined by the user and with the assitance pr professional medical advice.  Correct programming of the alarm unit, ensuring that the unit is properly activating at the pre-set time/times, and actually taking any medications, is the responsibility of the user.  My tiny Reminder should be used to supplement, not substitute, any method for remembering to take medicatiion and should not be relied upon as the only method for remembering. 

If you are using My tiny Reminder® for such purposes, you agree that you are doing so voluntarily, releasing Innovative Product Source LLC from any direct, indirect, consequential, special, exemplary or other damages arising there from.  All medical advice should be provided by a licensed physician or medical practitioner.

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