Vibrating Alarm & Adjustable Wrist Wallet - Silent Vibrating Alarm Reminder - Wrist Wallet & Vibrating Reminder Alarm, Personal Reminder Device

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MY tiny REMINDER® - Features

Alarm Features

  • Vibrating Alarm – Allows you to set the desired alert time with a single alarm setting. Quickly and easily change the alarm setting for different alert times. (click on the Instructions tab for details).
  • Countdown Timer – Counts down the time from a range of 23 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds down to 1 second. Exercising, cooking, appointment? Set the timer for 45 minutes. Taking medication? Set the timer for every 2 hours, 4 1/2 hours, 7 hours, etc. (click on the Instructions tab for details).
  • Snooze Function – Alarm will vibrate every 4 minutes until the Snooze Function is deactivated. Great for naps or waking up in the morning. (Unit does not have a backlight).
  • Versatile – Carry the alarm in your wrist wallet, pocket, purse or add to your keyring.
  • Lightweight – Both wrist wallet and vibrating alarm weigh only 1.2 ounces combined.
  • Compact Size – Measures 2 ¾ “ L X 1” W X ¾” H. About the size of a pack of chewing gum.
  • No Age Restrictions - Every man, woman and child from ages 6 to 106 can enjoy numerous ways to use MY tiny REMINDER®.
  • Increases Concentration – You will focus better knowing you can proceed with mental and physical tasks without interruption.
  • Relax – Time is no longer an issue. Embrace the day knowing that you can conquer time.
  • Relief – No more “clock watching”. STOP having to remember to look at the time and START learning to have great day.
  • Less stress – Free your mind to concentrate on what you need to. Keep your thoughts together and go about your day without worrying about checking the time.
  • Economical – Fraction of the cost of vibrating watches and the wrist wallet is an extra storage bonus!


Wrist Wallet Features

  • When fully opened and laying flat, the wrist wallet measures 10 1/4" long X 4" wide.  It fits wrists up to 9" around.
  • Versatile – Carry MY tiny REMINDER® in your wrist wallet, pocket or on your key chain. Use the wrist wallet to also carry keys, credit cards, ID, cash, jewelry, hotel room card, or small MP3 players using the convenient earphone hole.
  • Comfortable – Made of ultra lightweight, yet durable Ripstop Nylon. Water resistant and dries quickly.
  • Adjustable – From smaller to larger wrists, this fully adjustable wrist wallet allows you to customize the fit to your liking.  “One size fits most” wrist wallets may be either too loose or tight.
  • Secure - Safe way to guard against purse snatchers and pickpockets.
  • Easy on, easy off - Velcro closure allows for your wrist wallet to fit securely on your wrist. Removes with a quick pull.
  • Convenient – Allows you to carry small valuables. 
  • Discreet – Able to fit under shirts, sweatshirts and jackets with ease.
  • Stylish – For most occasions and activities.

PLEASE READ IF USING AS A MEDICAL AID.              Medical Disclaimer

Innovative Product Source LLC, creators of My tiny Reminder®, does not give medical advice, nor are we engaged in the practice of medicine.  My tiny Reminder® is a product intended to assist one in remembering various tasks, commitments and appointments throughout their day.   

My tiny Reminder® can used to assist one in remembering to take medications at certain times, as determined by the user and with the assitance pr professional medical advice.  Correct programming of the alarm unit, ensuring that the unit is properly activating at the pre-set time/times, and actually taking any medications, is the responsibility of the user.  My tiny Reminder should be used to supplement, not substitute, any method for remembering to take medicatiion and should not be relied upon as the only method for remembering. 

If you are using My tiny Reminder® for such purposes, you agree that you are doing so voluntarily, releasing Innovative Product Source LLC from any direct, indirect, consequential, special, exemplary or other damages arising there from.  All medical advice should be provided by a licensed physician or medical practitioner.

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