Vibrating Alarm & Adjustable Wrist Wallet - Silent Vibrating Alarm Reminder - Wrist Wallet & Vibrating Reminder Alarm, Personal Reminder Device

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Testimonials for MY tiny REMINDER®

"Wasn’t fair to have my wife and daughter to hear my blaring alarm so early. Finally found a way to wake myself without disturbing them. Much happier wife and daughter."   James

"I use MY tiny REMINDER® for my daily walks. The Nano fits perfect in the pocket. Neat earphone hole!"   Maria S.

"Where has this been?! I would find myself doing errands and time flying by. Scrambling to pick up the kids from the bus stop on time. Thank you."   K. A.

"Our days run smoother"  

"My daughter just gave us 2 for my wife and I. We are seniors in our 70’s. It was too hard to remember when to take our medications. Not anymore."   Ted

"The kids feel so important with their own alarm. They play a ton of made up games using the countdown feature. How many basketball shots can be made in 2 minutes, relay races, etc."   TX Mom

"It wasn’t very professional when I was giving presentations and had to keep glancing at my watch. Now I set the alarm to alert me with about 5 minutes remaining so I no longer have an abrupt finish"   Ellen C

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