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How do I put on my wrist wallet?

There are a couple of ways.  You can drape the wrist wallet over your wrist with your palm facing down, then use your other hand to connect to Velcro closure.  Or, you can lay the wrist wallet in the open position on a flat surface and lay your wrist on top and connect the Velcro closure.

Is it easier to insert and retrieve items with my wrist wallet ON or OFF of my wrist?

You can certainly insert and remove items while your wrist wallet is on your wrist.  However, it depends on the items and how tight it is worn.   We recommend that you access items the same as you would any wallet or purse.  It is likely easier to access the wrist wallet pocket when it is OFF of your wrist.

What else does MTR do?

You can also use MY tiny REMINDER® as a watch, and countdown timer.  Click here to read about it’s exciting uses.

How do I program MTR to use the vibrating alarm?

You receive detailed, user-friendly instructions with your order.   These are easy to understand and programming can be completed in minutes.  You can also click here to view and print

Can I wear MTR on my ankle?

Possibly.  The adjustable wristband was designed to fit most sized wrists.  However, it can fit around certain sized ankles if desired.

How is the quality of the wrist wallet?

Each wrist wallet is individually hand made and quailty stitched.  The Ripstop\"\" Nylon material provides, strength, comfort and durability.  The material is lightweight, water resistant and fashionable.  The quality in seam zipper is nearly invisible when closed.  The small teeth allow for easy open/close and designed to last with proper use.

How is the quality of the alarm?

This alarm is designed to last years with proper care.  We are so confident in it’s performance that we are extending the manufacturers warranty to a three years from your purchase date.    Click here for warranty information

Will I have trouble finding replacement batteries?

No.  These are common button cell batteries that can be found at most general retailers and electronic stores.  Common model numbers are AG13 and LR44 depending on the manufacturer.  They are also referred to as watch and calculator batteries and the cost is inexpensive.

How long will the batteries last?

There are many variables that determine a batteries life such as temperature extremes and usage.  Here is a general idea:  If the alarm is used daily, the batteries should last at least 3 months, but probably more.  If the vibrating feature is not used (not recommended) the batteries will keep the time for 2 years or more.  An indication that your batteries will need replacement soon is when the vibrating feature weakens or stops working.  Your unit will, however, still keep time.  

PLEASE NOTE:  Each alarm is manufactured with economy batteries and may not last as lonf as described above.  For your convenience, each MTR is shipped with a free extra set of stronger lithium batteries.

What else can I put in my wrist wallet?


Any small, personal items that will fit into it’s 3 ½” X 3 ¼” pocket.  Naturally, we recommend your MTR to be the primary item.  Others items include keys, cash, coins, credit cards,hotel room cards, ID, small MP3 players (using the convenient earphone hole),  jewelry, medicine, business cards, notes/lists, etc.

Are there any other colors available for the wrist wallet?

Currently, black is the only color available for the wrist wallet.  Other colors may be offered in the future and welcome your suggestions.

Is there an audible alarm or backlight?

No. The purpose of the alarm is to be a quiet, personal reminder. 

Can multiple alarms be set throughout the day?

The alarm has one time setting at a time.  However, the Countdown Timer feature allows you to set the alarm to vibrate at any time increment from 1 second up to 24 hours. For example, set the Countdown Timer for 1 hour and press the Start button. After 1 hour the alarm will vibrate.  The unit vibrates for two seconds, pauses for two seconds, then vibrates again in this pattern until any button is pushed to stop the alarm.

The pre set time will automatically reset itself to the 1 hour that you previously set it to. Simply press the Start button and the Countdown Timer will begin again. Have to pick up the kids in 45 minutes? Simply program for 45 minutes and press start. Take medication every 2 hours? Set the timer for 2 hours and press start. 

If you would like the alarm to activate at 7:00 AM, 2:00 PM and 6:30 PM, you will need to reset the alarm after each alert has passed. So after the 7:00 AM alert, you would reprogram the alarm to sound at 2:00 PM. Then after the 2:00 PM alert, you would set the alarm for 6:30 PM and so on. Resetting the alarm can be done in seconds once you are familiar with the unit. 

Why doesn't the alarm vibrate?

Make sure that you press the ALM SET button so that the Bell Icon appears on the right side of the screen. This is a small picture of a bell. Or, if the battery power is low the unit may still keep the time, but it will NOT VIBRATE if the batteries need replacing.  Install new batteries, and the unit will have the proper power to activate the vibrating alarm.

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